Service Range

The service range of the law firm SELTING attorneys is characterized by our lawyers’ competence, the specialty in the intellectual property law and by the holistic engagement of all employees with the focus on the demands and questions of our clients.

Contracts and consulting

We advise our clients in all questions about trademarks, competition, copyright, antitrust and data privacy law. This involves supervising the structure of sale and marketing developments including the therefore necessary contractual structure, contractual implementation of trademarks, merchandising, and image licenses as well as elaborating software license contracts and maintenance contracts. With the collaboration of our clients we create data models including the necessary contracts and implementation of national or international data guidelines. Furthermore we help clients in securing their know-how for example by confidentiality agreements and competition restrictions and by expanding or realizing their company’s values within the scope of buying and selling companies.

Legal Proceedings

We represent our clients legally before and while out of court procedures and infringement actions before German courts. Moreover we have far reaching experiences before the European Courts of Justice.

Arbitration Courts

Our lawyers have long term experiences before national and international arbitration courts. These involve domain name disputes before the arbitration courts of the WIPO and ADR. Because of our long term experience with such arbitration proceedings we offer to supervise these proceedings in consideration of the respective order volume to package prices. Furthermore we have and represent clients before the German Institution for Arbitration (DIS). (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtbarkeit e.V. (DIS)

Trade Mark Offices

We represent our clients before the German Trademark and Patent Office, the Swiss IGE, the community trade mark office (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) and in the scope of international trademark registration at the WIPO. SELTING lawyers comprise trademark specialists, who take care of the clients’ trademarks and domain names. Beside the proceedings before the trademark offices the law firm retains internal databases to research and monitor trademarks and company names as well as to monitor the individualized domain names. This in-house service enables a fast processing within hours at any time. Try us out.  

Next to the proceedings before the offices the legal support especially involves trademark and company name researches, which are possible through the law firm’s internal retained databases, as well as the individualized domain monitoring.

Package Services

Because of this established structures that we have also developed regarding the cost aspect for the clients, we are capable to offer various of our services in a so called Packet Services. In the following you can find an extract of our Package Services. Please request if you wish more.

Tradename Research

Before launching a business or introducing a new product to the market it is mandatory to become informed about the rights of third parties. These rights of third parties can be trademarks, company names, company slogans, work titles and in general names of third parties.  We like to fulfill that duty of researching these matters in the respective necessary extent for you. In the following you can see in detail the researches we offer inclusive legal evaluation:

  • trademark research Germany, including Madrid Treaty trademarks with German references and Community Trademarks
  • trademark research for Austria and Switzerland
  • research of company names
  • research of work titles


(the prices comply with the respective individual volume of the research results):

Trademark Research Germany (Germany, Madrid, CT)  
From 150,00 €
To 350,00 €
trademark research additionally Austria and Switzerland  
Per Country 50,00 €
research of company names of Germany identity 100,00 €
research of work title Germany identity 500,00 €
Trademark registration

Regarding the trademark registration it is important to take great care on the concrete trademark to be protected and a future orientated draft of the applied goods and services. Trademark owners sometimes were surprised being confronted in court proceedings that their registered goods and services did not correlate with their activities or were too close in their scope of protection. Appropriate care is therefore necessary. The package “Trademark Registration” involves:

  • Examination of the trademark and its registrability and if necessary consulting about the necessary changes
  • Elaborating of a register of goods and services according to your requirements
  • Supporting the registration in front of the initial examiner at the German Patent and Trademark Office, the WIPO or the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (Community Trademark Office)
  • Notification of the process of the grace period and the renewal period


General (without official charges):

German Trademark basic fee (remuneration) 500,00 €
Swiss Trademark basic fee (remuneration) 500,00 €
Community Trademark basic fee (remuneration)  700,00 €
Trademark monitoring

A permanent monitoring of the trademark ensures your legal position and enables you to control the trademark. Goal of the trademark monitoring is to find out about confusing trademarks already at the time of their registration. That allows us to take legal actions against it on a low cost basis.


Per character Germany monthly 9,00 €
Additionally Austria/Switzerland each monthly 3,00 €
Domain Name Monitoring

Domain name monitoring serves to secure your trademark rights when used in domain names. By a stringent monitoring you secure the trademark’s presence in second-level-domains. That way you prevent an establishment of marketing structures under your tradename already at their beginning, possibly by uncontrolled growths of unwanted intermediary suppliers or by establishing a grey market. First of all the current state of domain names through research has to be examined. Afterwards a permanent monitoring will be established which informs you rapidly about a registration of a domain name providing the name of the person involved and its activities.


Domain research

Costs of other national domain researches such as .at, .ch, on request.

Generic Top Level Domains
.com, .name, .info, .mobi, .net, .biz, .tel, .aisa, .edu, .gov, .aero, .jobs, .travel, .pro
  200,00 €
Until 400,00 €


Country top level domains
e.g. Germany .de
from 200,00 €
until 400,00 €

Domain monitoring

The costs are calculated per month with annual billing (calendar year).

Germany .de 20,00 €
Austria .at 20,00 €
Switzerland .ch 20,00 €
gTLDs .com, .net,
.org, .edu,
.gov, .info, .biz
18,00 €
  .eu 25,00 €
all TLDs   95,00 €

Preservation of evidence in addition to legal valuation

Legal estimation and preservation of evidence usable in court

Per found and violated domain name 50,00 €
Domain name arbitration proceedings

Our long term experience and highly formalized domain arbitration proceedings before the WIPO and the ADR allow us to provide support in these proceedings at fixed prices from application (for the plaintiff) or from defense (for the defendant) until the decision. If you are involved in a standard proceeding case or do you have more than one proceding to take care of we offer you our service to the following price.


Standard domain arbitration proceeding before the WIPO/ ADR in German or English 900,00 €